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4 cannabis strains that will help you sleep better.

Cannabis isn't new to the scene but it's new to being legal in some states. I'm going to talk about Illinois cannabis. What's hot and what's even hotter when it comes to managing pain and getting a really good night's sleep? Let's take a deeper look into what cannabis has to offer.

According to leafly, which is a well known cannabis blog, the best cannabis for sleep is: Edibles. Why is this? The answer to that question is because they last longer in our system. For those of us who prefer not to smoke, edibles are an easy solution that doesn't muck up or lungs or leave a smell behind. 

What if edibles aren't your thing and you really enjoy that toke of a beautiful, natural sleep solution. A lower thc smoke may help you sleep better by keeping your mind free from extra anxiety if you happen to be a little sensitive to thc. CBD is also another solution that may work better for you. Not everyone responds to THC the same so just remember there is an alternative choice. If you are not sensitive then try a higher level.

Let's talk about what strains leafly refers to as the sleepy strains. They all have some pretty cool names. Let's dig deeper into what cannabis strains will help us sleep and wake up refreshed for the following day. 

Northern Lights. This strain is an indica which is often performed as a sleeping strain of mary jane. It's supposed to be the most calming and relaxing strain. Northern lights are sweet and spicy and are said to relax the body and relieve muscle tension. It also has a psychedelic effect on the brain that causes you to relax and free your mind of troubles and worry. It also helps with any depression you may be feeling or anxiety. 

God's gift. This one sounds very interesting. This strain is also an indica that offers a peppery flavor with a hint of pine. It's supposed to leave you feeling like you're floating on clouds in a dreamy state of mind. 

9 pound hammer. This is a higher THC strain that is also an indica. It has the essence of pine and pepper. This strain is a heavy high that lasts a long time. Its upwards of 21% THC so if you're looking for a super high right before you doze off, this may be your strain. It also states that this strain is excellent to relieve pain. Well that's good to know. 

Granddaddy purple. This is an indica strain with the notes of pepper and pine. I'm seeing a trend in that flavor combo. It yields a 17.5% THC. The effects from this are euphoria and relaxation. That sounds good to me. It also leaves you floating on the clouds. Sounds pretty awesome to me. The last claim is that it is excellent for pain relief. This does sound like the granddaddy of all weed. 

These are a few examples to follow when you head into your local dispensary. A good night's sleep can make a huge difference in how your day goes. Of course marijuana is completely natural with no side effects to your liver. You are not likely to experience interactions with anything except a really outstanding night sleep and possibly, a lot of pain relief. It really is nature's solution to a good night's sleep. As far as pain goes, that's for my next article. 

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