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Your brain has a pleasure center and when you're stressed out it becomes weakened causing anxiety and depression. When you suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression, other parts of your life don't get the attention it deserves. Instead of waiting for the ticking time bomb of emotions to go off, take action.

We have receptors in our brain that create natural cannabinoids on its own. These receptors are called the CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. It's responsible for all kinds of functions mood, pain, thinking, appetite, memory, among others. We have these receptors all throughout our body, including the gut system which is considered a second brain. CB1 receptors are throughout the body but mostly located in the brain. CB2 receptors are located within the immune system and are closely related to inflammation and pain.

When you're experiencing inflammation and pain in your body, this affects your mood. Stress causes inflammation and pain. You're doing a double whammy to yourself when you're stressed and not taking the proper steps to relieve that stress in time before the whole body reacts. Even though we naturally create cannabinoids, just as everything else, when stress hits, you're body runs out of mojo fast. You have to replace it. When stress attacks your body it depletes your bones, it jacks up your gut and throws the whole body into a frenzy. 

The best thing you can do for yourself when you're under pressure and stress is making the cup floweth over, start a management program. CBD is a natural stress and anxiety relief solution that works within an hour. It doesn't damage your liver or make you loopy as prescription drugs do.  You get to maintain that sharp personality and stay in complete control of yourself. It is derived from Hemp so it does not get you high but it will get you clear and inflammation free. It works within the cells themselves and repairs the body as a whole instead of focusing on symptoms individually. 

So if you're stressed about work or the family or your mate and also have a history of arthritis or your knee hurts from an old baseball injury 20 years ago, CBD works within the body to repair it naturally as a whole and over time will benefit each individual ailment or situation. Its a holistic approach to overall good health. Holistic simply means whole. Cbd will be a great start to the stress factor and round out to an overall excellent health management program. How much do you need to take?

The average person usually consumes one dropper full per day either before bed or in the morning. You can take more or less if you feel you need to. You can not overdose on CBD. It's perfectly safe in any amount. As with any medication, you will need to adjust accordingly overtime to find the right dose for yourself. Strength of CBD will depend on the severity of your ailment. Higher strengths are usually suggested to treat anxiety and depression as the lower strength is to maintain overall good health