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How to make weed infused Tacos.

Who doesn't love tacos! Especially WEED infused tacos. 

Some of the benefits to infusing food with cannabis is it helps relax your stomach muscles for better digestion. If you suffer from pain throughout the day, infused food will give you the energy your body needs to stay healthy while increasing your mental relaxation. This will help relax all areas of the body for a feeling of satisfaction. 

I ran across this video and thought it was a nice idea. Tacos are a comfort food for many or they wouldn't have created an entire day dedicated to it. Taco Tuesday! The one thing in the video he forgot to mention is to strain the material out of the oil with a cheesecloth. He also mentioned he was using clarified butter. THC binds to fat so I'm assuming he added the oil to the butter, mixed it up and then added it. Butter makes everything taste better. 

Enjoy the video!

Jennifer Lamb


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