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What's so great about hemp that has everyone on the edge of their seat? Could it be that cannabis is making its big debut and hemp is taking second stage or is that people are more interested in being sober and benefiting from a clean life which makes hemp  the desired product of 2020? 

It is true, people are waking up to the value of being clean and sober. Alcohol has taken its toll on families and millions of Amerians livers. Another wake up call is to get clean from opiate addiction that is destroying lives everyday. Can this really be the year that we seek the “Good Life” of healthy decisions? 

It's all over social media, the cry out for help from all our addictions. Families destroyed; death from overdoses and it's not just the lower class either. Its everyones addiction now. From high class to the streets, America is addicted. From alcohol, prescriptions, hard drugs, soft drugs, party drugs, your grandmas drugs, food, sugar, caffeine; you name and someone is addicted to it. 

Marijuana has proven to have  some benefits within the body for healing. The high it gives however, isn't appealing to some people. There are still issues such as employment screening and to be honest, not everyone wants to feel buzzed all the time.  It's a good option compared to everything else that is abused recreationally, but it's not the one size fits all solution. That brings us back to hemp.

The positive benefits of hemp based alternatives are; Its non psychoactive and you stay sharp as a tack. It helps kill those cravings. Hemp oil and it's more popular sidekick CBD have all the natural benefits of healing with none of high. This can be a huge benefit to those who seek the natural route but like to remain sober. Cbd, which is sold almost everywhere now, is used to treat depression. Anxiety and depression are some reason people reach for drugs, alcohol,food,sugar and caffeine to begin with. It heals cells from within as a whole. Again, it kills cravings.

It's nice to see people ready to take the steps to become healthy both physically and mentally by taking control of their own destiny. Natural solutions are hitting the market and lifestyle changes are soon to follow. Cannabis and Hemp are making their appearance and we are ready for their healing properties. Drugs and addiction will be around forever and that's just how it is but we now have choices on how we want to treat ourselves when it comes to healing and getting our life back. 

If you haven't heard of Hemp oil or CBD, now is the time to get to know your future. It's going to really become a huge part of our life very soon. In some areas, Cannabis is hitting the market strong and that too will become a part of our new revolution to healing solutions. The new “cool” is to be 100% clean and sober. You may see those rare birds here and their preaching “The good life”. In my opinion, I completely agree. 

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